Is she into you? 33 signs a female coworker likes you

Updated on August 9, 2023
33 signs a female coworker likes you

Do you have a female coworker that you like? Or maybe you suspect that one of your female colleagues is attracted to you?

Either way, before taking the next step, you need to make sure that your actions will not have any negative consequences on you and the colleague in question when company policy on dating is concerned.

Protip: You should look for at least 20 signs that suggest your female co-worker likes you but is hiding it. Just several indicators of attraction might not give you the right perspective of the situation.

Only when you observe a series of signs and behaviors that indicate attraction should you make your conclusion.

Subtle signs a female coworker likes you

Subtle signs a female coworker likes you

Some signs of attraction can be hard to spot, especially if they resemble regular friendly behavior. It might take a bit of insight to recognize them.

1. You catch their gaze on yourself

People tend to focus their attention on things or people they find attractive. If you happen to catch your co-worker's sight on yourself often, then it might be an indicator of their attraction towards you.

2. Your presence makes them smile

This subtle sign can be easily misinterpreted, as it can represent a sign of friendliness or courtesy, but it’s worth mentioning.

When we like someone, we release various hormones that can make us smile. Have you ever noticed if your colleague brightens up when she sees you? Well, that possibly might be a sign of her liking you.

3. They happen to be around you often

While bumping into each other in the same office space isn’t uncommon, you might notice that it starts happening more often than usual.

By always being present in your space, they might want to start a conversation to get to know you better.

4. They often ask for your help

If your female co-worker likes you, you might notice her asking for your help with the tasks that don’t fall in your area of expertise.

That way, she has a chance to have a moment with you and not seem too obvious. And when she catches your attention, she may ask questions unrelated to the task.

If you see that she relies on asking for your help just to spend some time with you, she is likely interested in you.

5. They never miss a chance to complement you

Complimenting is a type of nourishment. In fact, our brains recognize compliments as a social reward and make us feel recognized and accepted by people around us.

Do they compliment you often and on different occasions? Then, it might be a sign of them trying to show that they notice you.

6. They form inside jokes with you

It’s not a secret that humor binds people together, especially if it involves inside jokes. These types of jokes can be a sign of comradery, or they can also signal closeness.

This form of humor makes some people feel like a part of the group. If you have an extensive list of inside jokes that only two of you seem to get, it might signify a special bond between you and that person.

7. They seem to remember small details about you

When someone remembers details about us, it immediately strikes a positive impression about them and also makes us think that that person cares about us.

There might be times when the individual in question remembers small things that other colleagues wouldn’t recall.

You might find that they give you all their attention when you share stories with them and actually care about you.

8. They seem nervous when you are around

Meeting new people can make us feel a bit nervous. After all, we all care about what impression we give to our peers.

However, this usually passes after some time of learning about each other and getting comfortable with the people around you.

When it comes to attractiveness, nervousness and cautiousness are dictated by the chemical reactions happening in our bodies.

This way, when we see someone we like, dopamine levels spike, and we feel the so-called ‘butterflies’ sensation in our stomachs.

Have you noticed that your colleague shies away from you or barely talks when you are around? Well, they might just like you.

9. They treat you differently than other colleagues

There is just something about their behavior that makes you feel special. It might show in small gestures, like longer talks or concerns about how you feel.

Believe it or not, this way, they might show their affection.

10. They ask you personal questions

Trying to get to know a person, especially if they are new to the company, is expected. However, those usually involve basic get-to-know-you questions, like “where are you from?”, “what are your hobbies?” or “what college did you go to?”.

If a female co-worker starts asking you more personal questions concerning your dreams, life choices, or family-related information, then there is a chance that they are trying to evaluate you and their compatibility with you.

11. They don’t skip on a chance to surprise you

Have you recently mentioned a brand of your favorite chocolate to a colleague, and sometime after, you find it on your desk with a cute note?

Well, this might be one of the gestures that indicate how much they care about you.

When we like someone, we try to make them feel noticed. Therefore, a surprise like that can be one of the signs your female coworker has feelings for you.

12. They follow you on every social media platform you are active on

Adding your co-workers on social media is a way of keeping in touch with them even after work hours.

But how do you know if it’s just a friendly request to connect on social media or an actual sign of attraction?

Keep a close eye on how she tries to communicate with you. Does she like and comment on every picture of yours? Or maybe she brings up old pictures that you might have forgotten about?

If she invests a lot of time exploring your social media page, then she might be deeply interested in you.

13. They want you to participate in company outings

Company outings are a great chance to get to know your co-workers outside of the office environment. Your colleague in question might show extra interest in your participation in those outings.

You can also notice that she loses interest in the activity when you can’t make it. All of that can signify her desire to bond with you outside of the office and meeting rooms.

Obvious signs a female coworker likes you

Obvious signs a female coworker likes you

If subtle signs of attractiveness can be easily confused with expressions of friendliness, the following behaviors are more straightforward. So, how do you know if a female coworker likes you for sure? Let’s take a closer look.

14. They openly flirt with you

This is the most significant sign that your coworker likes you. The flirting can be represented in various behaviors – prolonged eye contact, playing with her hair, trying to lean closer when speaking to you, and even accidentally touching you.

If she feels comfortable flirting then you may even notice her complimenting you romantically.

15. The personal questions become a little too personal

You might start noticing that your colleague becomes overly interested in your personal life, especially your love life.

When we like someone, it becomes important to know about our romantic interest’s love life. By enquiring about your relationship status, they might want to know if they have a chance before making a move.

16. Everyone else seems to notice it

No matter how hard we try to conceal our feelings, they eventually become noticeable. While you might be oblivious to the signs of romantic attraction towards you, the rest of the office might notice.

Have any of your co-workers asked you about your feelings towards one of your female colleagues? This may happen because they see something that you don’t.

17. They share personal details about their life

By sharing details of their personal life, they might express that they trust you and they want you to be a part of their life, too.

If they feel attracted to you, they might feel quite comfortable sharing some personal details about their life outside of the office.

18. They follow your advice

Perhaps you gave them advice as a sign of support during one of the moments when they shared their personal issues.

If they like you, there is a chance that they will follow your advice because their trust your judgment. They might feel that there is enough trust between you two for them to listen to your advice.

19. They don’t like to see you with other female colleagues

Does your colleague in question get a little jealous when she sees you talking or spending time with other female colleagues?

Try to notice her behavior when you happen to be around other women. Clearly, she is jealous if she interrupts your conversations or switches your attention to her.

20. They get happy when they receive compliments from you

Maybe after some time of receiving attention from them, you feel like it’s only fair to give them the same care back.

And this may actually be something that they were hoping for. If she likes you, she might feel delighted and get shy about you complimenting her in return.

21. They are cautious about their looks around you

We always try to seem more attractive to the people we like. This also applies to the way we look and dress.

If your female colleague likes you, she might start putting a bit more effort into the way she looks.

Have you noticed her putting a bit more makeup on the days you have a meeting together? Or maybe she suddenly chose to wear a nice dress instead of the usual relaxed style? Perhaps she does it so you will notice her.

22. They laugh at your jokes (even the bad ones)

Everyone is funny in their own way, and it’s normal for some jokes to fall flat. However, when you tell jokes that don’t really catch the attention of the rest of your colleagues, she always seems to enjoy them.

Believe it or not, but she actually might be doing it to win you over with her laughter.

23. They try to impress you

If your colleague likes you, she would want to get noticed by you and therefore increase her chances of making you fall in love.

One of the ways to do so is to impress their special someone with natural charm and charisma. You might notice that they start sharing the more exciting aspects of their life with you and even leave out the flaws.

24. They want to be helpful

Showing personal involvement in someone’s life can make a big difference to that person. The person who likes you might not be ready to say it out loud yet, but they want to show how much they care about you.

If you notice that your female colleague tries to be helpful, even if it’s not beneficial for her, then they may have feelings for you.

25. They are actually interested in your passions

Have you noticed your colleague taking an interest in your favorite sports, artists, and passions in general?

They might not entirely like those things themselves, but they still put effort into exploring your likings.

This can be a sign of their affection towards you. By learning about your passions, they can show that they want to get to know you better as well as get noticed by you.

26. They seem to be always on your side

One of the obvious signs that s female coworker likes you is them always being on your side.

The support can take many forms. They might have your back when you present a new project to your team, offer to cover up for you if you need to take a day off, or simply be there when you need someone to talk to.

By doing so, they might try to show that they want to protect the person they care for.

27. They notice the slightest changes in you

When it comes to changes in your appearance or personality, you might notice that she always notices those things.

While others might not be aware that you changed your hairstyle or got a new backpack, she is ready to complement your appearance.

28. They bring homemade treats (just for you)

Lunch break is a perfect time to spend some time with your office crush. And to make the moment even more special, she might pack some extra treats to share with you. Not only do they taste good, but they also happen to be homemade.

If you start noticing that she unintentionally brings some treats with her and always shares them with you, there is a high chance that she cares about you.

29. They give you nicknames

Giving nicknames is an involuntary way for people to show their affection to each other. It’s a great way to bond with someone too.

The nickname can be related to something that both of you share, like a character name from your favorite TV show or perhaps something that reminds you of a funny moment you both shared.

Either way, as long as it provokes emotions in you, her attempts to attract your attention are working.

Signs a shy female coworker likes you

Signs a shy female coworker likes you

Shy and introverted people tend to hide their emotions. Therefore, it might be quite hard to decipher their intentions. Here are some of the common signs of affection that a shy co-worker likes you.

30. They try to keep the distance

Unlike others, shy people keep their distance when it comes to liking someone. They still want to be noticed by their crush. However, the fear of you figuring out their feelings is higher for them.

If a shy female coworker likes you, she will most likely try to avoid communicating with you as much as possible.

31. They seem to be more active over texts rather than in person

If you notice that the quietest person in the room becomes the best communicator over texts - don’t get surprised. Shy people get embarrassed and blush easily, especially if they like you.

So, if she reaches out to you over texts and shows genuine interest in getting to know you more, there is a chance she likes you.

32. Their verbal and body languages seem inconsistent

Does she seem uncomfortable when she is talking to you, even if the conversation seems to go well? Or she always looks like she wants to run away?

Even though many people might interpret it negatively, in reality, she might just be too shy around you.

33. They won’t initiate a conversation

No matter how much a shy person wants to start a conversation, there is a high chance that they won’t.

Most likely, they already played all the possible scenarios in their head and gave up the idea of being the first one to strike up a conversation because of the fear of failure.

However, her avoidance seems to disappear as soon as you approach her first. This can signify that she was just too shy to make her first move.

My advice on figuring out if a female coworker likes you

Women at work tend to be friendly and agreeable. So don’t make the grim mistake of confusing their friendliness for attraction, as this could have disastrous consequences.

Instead, focus on having positive interactions and getting to know the person. If you are particularly interested in your female coworker, then here you can check out our comprehensive guide on how to ask them out without making it awkward.

With time and enough meaningful interactions, you will be able to tell if your female coworker is indeed into you.

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