It is 2018 and I am not entirely happy about the fact that the first post of the year comes this late. However, some friends of mine I had not seen for a while, were planning a trip and I decided that it would be a healthy break for me if I were to join them. And so I did.

We embarked on a whimsical adventure through the countryside, visiting notable towns and villages, eating delicious food made with fresh local products. Laughing all the time and making silly group pictures. It was wonderful.

And also quite boring.


Let me explain.

I don’t like travel. I like going to amazing places I haven’t seen before. But the hassle of packing luggage, booking hotels and travel tickets exhausts me to the very bones.

“How many pairs of socks do I need to pack if I’ll be away for ‘X’ days?”

“Can I do this with only a single pair of shoes?”

“I forgot my slippers, didn’t I?”

This is killing me.

But I went anyway. Mostly because I wanted to spend some time with my friends. But also because this is what I do to sort of “reset” myself.

If I go somewhere really cool and totally let go, I’ll probably just want to stay there forever. Why can’t my life be an endless beach party night?

I found out that prolonged, boring, exhausting vacations away from my usual habitat are actually a great way for me to relax without losing sight of my goals and dreams. Besides, these trips are usually so dull, the last couple of days I’m itching to come back home and be productive again.

Sure, trips are supposed to be fun. But I am insane. I don’t do “fun” just for the sake of it.

I invest time, money and efforts in spending some time of boredom just so I can get out of it later and be kind of happy again.

Anyway, I hope you guys are excited about 2018 ‘cuz you know what’s coming, right?

Yeah, me neither.

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