New year is usually an exciting opportunity to commit to your personal goals. Finally, you are allowed by the almighty calendar to be the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be.

But you know quite well how these things usually go, right?

Just a few weeks later and there is no sign of that commitment. It has evaporated. And it is now replaced by a feeling of self-loathing. A hungry little rodent that is gnawing at your very insides.

Also, you are painfully aware that buying the six-month gym membership was a mistake now that you realize you actually have to put in all the work and go there at least every sometimes.

What gives?

Be it getting in shape, writing a screenplay, or putting an end to a bad habit once and for all, the truth is the vast majority of people do not adhere to their new year’s resolutions. In fact, here are some stats from the Statistic Brain Research Institute – the number of people in their 20s who achieved their resolutions every year is below 40%. And for people in their 50s – below 20%.

Can we agree that not working towards achieving your goals or solving your problems is a problem in itself? Like a problem before the problem. Like problem inception?

Yes, this is a problem. And it is caused by anxiety.

The anxiety of leaving a zone of comfort. A “comfort zone” if you will.

But let’s just stop for a moment and think about what staying in that “comfort zone of perpetual self-hatred and misery” entails.

That’s actually kind of self-explanatory, isn’t it? Went ahead of myself over there.

If you are aware that you are “stuck” and that you are not doing anything to achieve your goals or to solve your problems, then you are not a happy camper.

This is not a way to live your life.

Look, let’s acknowledge that big goals are scary. We get that. And they are scary because we fear failure and pain. They are scary because we do not want to invest our time and commit to something that will only disappoint us in the end. We fear making fools of ourselves. Just imagine pouring all your hopes and dreams into this one big something…

And in the end, it is all for nothing.

O, the humanity! O, what cosmic horror is this?!

But what’s the alternative here? Staying in the “comfort zone of misery” until you grow too old and use your age and bad body odor as an excuse?

Okay, go for walk, feed the pigeons in the park, have a drink or whatever. Then go home and take a good look in the mirror. And ask yourself:


Why? Why? Why?


Imagine a berserk Nicolas Cage screaming in your face: WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Why do you want to achieve the things you want to achieve?

You are more likely to turn your goals into reality if you are able to connect them with your core values. Y

Your inner “why” or so.

Think about it this way:

In life, there are no things you HAVE to achieve.

There are only things you WANT to achieve.

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