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It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of the company, a regional/department manager, or a team leader. In all cases, you are a manager of people and this means that you have to make sure that they are doing their job. And one of the best ways to do so is to keep the people you work with motivated. And if you are looking into ways to motivate employees, then we have plenty of suggestions for you.

#1. Make the Office a Cool Place

fun ways to motivate employeesThis is among those fun ways to motivate employees. Take a good look at the office space where your employees spent most of their time while they are at work. Well, is it a cool place to work at? Look, this doesn’t mean that you have to turn the office into a playground but you can draw inspiration from companies such as Google and Apple. Just take a look at what they’ve done with their respective headquarters. Who wouldn’t be motivated to work in such cool places?

Okay, this comparison is a bit grand-scale but you have plenty of options. Consider what is your budget and invest in a lounge space or a small office library with books that are related to your line of work.

#2. Motivate Individual People

Sure, there are things you can do to motivate the team as a whole but you need to keep in mind that the group consists of various individuals who have different personal views and goals in their life. In other words, the incentives your company is able to offer should be aligned with these individual people in order to meet their respective needs. This is a much better way to show a person how working together benefits them personally and to remind that you really care about their well-being.

#3. Understand the “Drive” of Each Team Member

understand each team member's driveFirst of all, how do we define drive? Well, this is what makes people tick. In other words, the essence of their motivation. You can achieve this by talking personally to the people you work with. And keep in mind that not everyone is motivated by money. So right now you might be wondering how to motivate employees without money. Well, ask them what they like working on and what tasks they find off-putting. For example, if they happen to be working that they find particularly disconcerting, then make sure that they see the bigger picture. Explain to them why this is important for the company and how it is actually quite important.

#4. Show transparency

how to motivate employees without moneyRegularly update your subordinate of what is happening at the highest levels of the operation. Tell them what decisions are being made and how the company’s general direction and strategy are shifting. This way there will be no surprises and you will give your employees the chance to ask you certain questions. Who knows, you might receive some useful feedback as well and gain some valuable insight.

#5. Let them know you trust them and you value their opinion

modern officeListen, if you already have a great team at hand, then all you need to do is to show these people just how much you trust them. Show them that you (and the entire company even) depends on them. Assign them the duty and soon you will see that they will embrace the responsibility themselves. Of course, this has the potential to turn into a disaster if you are not monitoring their work and progress from a distance. However, with time, you will surely figure out who are the individuals that are less likely to let you down.

#6. Turn monthly goals into smaller weekly goals

smarter goals

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Big goals and plans can seem scary. They can be demoralizing even. So if you need 4000 new leads this month, turn them into a thousand for the week. And when you achieve the goal at the end of the week, reward your team with something nice. A humble office party or an afternoon off for example. This way you will show them that the goals you set are realistic and there is a big payoff at the end.

#7. Be approachable

be approachableMake it absolutely clear to everyone that the door of your office is always open for your employees. Or at least set a time during which it is open. Tell your team that you are always there for them and if they have any problems, questions or suggestions, they can speak to you directly or send you a mail if the matter is not as urgent. When the individuals of the team know that their voice matters and it is heard, they will feel more invested in their position and the company as a whole.

On the other hand, and keep in mind this one is a little tricky, you can make an anonymous drop box. Basically, get a large box and place is somewhere secluded. This way, your employees can use it to leave suggestions and complains knowing that they won’t be judged afterwards.

#8. Make the team meetings count

colleagues having business meeting in coffee barA team meeting, regardless of how big or small, is actually a great opportunity to boost the motivation of your team. For instance, each time there is a meeting, assign the role of a moderator to one of the team members. This way, not only they feel like what they are saying really matters but also they will be much more motivated to back up their words and ideas with actual results and progress afterwards. It is every manager’s dream to operate with a team that can set realistic goals for themselves while they actually aim to exceed them.

#9. Achieve a life-work balance

finding work life balanceAn employee is not likely to stick around for long if the work they do somehow stands in the way of their actual life no matter how much money they are making. That is why, the more important an individual is to you, the more you should look into what can be done to make their work situation more fluid. What benefits are they getting? How much vacation can they take? What is their health care plan? Can they leave 15 minutes earlier on a Wednesday to go see a play? A company culture that prioritizes a great balance between work and life leads to happier employees who are much more productive.

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