I am not a morning person. I absolutely detest the period between 6 AM and 12 PM. Nothing good ever happens during this cursed time. And the morning alarm is my arch nemesis.

I hate you, Morning Alarm!

That being said, I somehow manage to summon the mental energy to crawl out of bed every morning to face another workday.

A little side note: since I am prone to snooze it (even at the risk of being late for work), I make sure to strategically place my phone as far away from my bed as possible before I go to sleep. This way, I have to get up when the alarm goes off, otherwise it will just continue to screech like a tormented hellspawn and it won’t let me fall asleep.

This time you did good, Morning Alarm!

And now, onto my morning routine! The one morning routine to rule them all!

It is… actually not a routine.

It’s a… principle that I have. And if I had to squeeze it into a single sentence, I think it should go like this:

Start your day as maker, not a consumer.

I mean, start your day by making something with a purpose behind it. It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose. Here are some examples:

  • stretching & exerciser
  • take a shower
  • go through your emails
  • reply to people who have massaged you
  • go out for a short walk
  • make coffee and breakfast

Yes, technically drinking coffee and eating breakfast is (literally) consuming something but there is a purpose behind it: you need to wake up, nourish yourself, and get the much needed energy to be productive during the day.

Now let’s take a look at behavior that would actually fall in the consumer category:

  • stay in bed to stare at the ceiling
  • browse social media aimlessly
  • watch TV or other mindless content
  • smoke a cigarette (substance abuse)
  • play video games

In other words, activities that don’t get you anywhere. Your respective forms of procrastination.

Actually, the last one doesn’t count if your goal is to become a professional gamer. If that is indeed the case, then I admire your dedication. My point is, we are all different and what classifies as consumer behavior for one person, might very well fall in the “maker” mindset for another.

This one principle is so powerful, I can’t stress it enough. And it truly has the potential to turn your life around if you are somebody who struggles with life-ruining procrastination.

Why does it work so well? Well, productivity is not something you can switch on and off just like that. It is a state of mind and you need to take certain steps to achieve it. For some, it happens quicker and easier, and it is harder for other.

Think of it like this: your personal state of being productive is like a little snowball. And you need to get it rolling down that snowy hill. In order to accumulate enough snow to form a giant frosty beast that will destroy the evil Procrastination Monster that is ruining your life.

So this is it. When you wake up in the morning, don’t be a consumer.

Be a creator. Be a builder. Be a designer. Be an author. Be an inventor.

Be a maker.

Just start your day by making something. Anything.

Make your bed, for example.

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