How to write a PERFECT job application email

Updated on August 8, 2023
How to write a job application email

If you are about to apply for a job by directly sending your resume to a company, then you might be wondering how to write a job application email that grabs their attention and increases your chances of being called for a job interview.

Well, I’ve been doing a bit of research lately on how to craft such an email. And here are the main conclusions that I came to.

The perfect job application email that elicits the highest chance of response contains these 4 elements:

  • A short and precise subject line.
  • An informal, almost casual greeting.
  • A reason why you are the perfect candidate.
  • An email ending expressing gratitude.

In this guide, I will explain to you why this email writing formula gives you the highest possible chance to be noticed.

Tips on how to write a job application email

Tips on how to write a job application email

You wish to capture the attention of your potential future employer but at the same time, you don’t want to appear intrusive and rude.

As a person who has worked for an international company for over a decade, I can tell you that how you formulate such an email can be the difference between being completely ignored and seriously considered for the position.

So here is the best advice that I can give you on how to craft an email to a company that you wish to work for.

1. Consider your email address

Before anything else, make sure that your email address is suitable for this kind of venture. If your email looks something like this:


Then you should definitely create a more presentable and general email account. It would be best to be centered around your real name. For example:

[email protected]

2. Craft a subject for job application email that is precise

The subject line is very important. This is literally the first thing that the company representative is going to see. That is why it is important to keep it short and precise. It should contain your name and the position you are applying for.

Here’s how to write a job application email subject line:

Jessica Jones, Application: [position]

This way the people receiving your email will immediately know what it is about and it will make it a lot easier for them to search their inbox for your application later on.

3. Start with an informal greeting

This is a formal email so it goes without saying that it requires a simple formal greeting. Right?

Nope. Not at all.

According to this analysis of nearly 300,000 messages, informal-sounding greetings (such as Hello, Hi, and Hey) are actually more effective at provoking a response.

The data shows that they are far more effective than the traditional “Dear” and “Greetings.”

Since you are writing directly to a company, you are probably not going to be aware of the name of the person who will open your email.

4. Here’s how to write an email for a job application with reference

In case you have been recommended by a person who works or has formerly worked for the company, then you should include this fact in your email opening sentence.

“Jack Jackson, who works as [position] at your company recommended that I should apply for the available position of [position].”

If you don’t have a recommendation, then go for a simple introduction.

“My name is Jessica Jones and I would like to apply for the available position of [position] at your company…”

With these details, you give your hirers all the relevant information from the start. You answer who you are and what your business with the company is. Also, you can take a look at our guide on what you can do when your references can't be reached by an employer.

5. What to write in an email to a company for a job

What to write in an email to a company for a job

When you are done with the formalities, it would be best to address exactly what makes you perfect for this position. For example:

  • your years of experience in the field
  • previous professional accomplishments
  • any exceptional professional skills that you have
  • your personal motivation to work for this company

I think that I might be a good fit for your company because I have… You will be able to find more details in the resume that I have attached.

However, don’t go into too much detail. Just a line or two will be enough. Provoke their curiosity and your resume will do the rest. And if this is your first time applying for such a position, you check our guide on how to find a job with no previous experience.

6. How to finish an email to a company for a job

The best way to end such an email is by expressing gratitude. And not just because it is the polite thing to do.

According to this analysis of 350,000 messages, those that ended with a “thank you” had a higher response rate. As an ending, you can go for:

Have a lovely day!

Thank you! / Thanks in advance!

In case you are not entirely sure if this was the correct email to use for your application, you can apologize.

“P.S. – I apologize if this is not the correct email address for submitting applications. Please let me know if there’s another.

Simple job application email sample

Now that we have gone through all the major steps in crafting your message, here’s a free job application email sample that you can use.

Subject: [your name], application: [position]

Hello, / Hi,

My name is [your name] and I would like to apply for the available position of [position] at your company. It was recommended to me to apply by [your friend’s name].

I think that I would be a good fit for your company as a [position] because I have… [give 1 or 2 good reasons]. You can find out more about my career history/professional experience in the resume that I have attached.

I hope that my application will be considered and any feedback that you might have is more than welcome.

Have a lovely and productive day!

Thanks in advance!

[your name]

As you can see, the tone is formal while the message is very straightforward. This will be appreciated by the professionals who will receive your email and review your application. By keeping things concise and precise, you exude confidence and adequacy.  You might even get a reply from the employer that they will call you.

Things to avoid in an email to a company for a job

Things to avoid in an email to a company for a jobs

There are a few things that should not find their way into a job application email. Here are a few examples of what you should avoid.

  • Vagueness
  • Jokes, slang, informal phrasing
  • Snarky remarks
  • Insensitive statements
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes

Eventually, you will get a few job offers which means that you will have to decline all of them but one.

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