How many jobs should you apply for?

Published on March 13, 2022
How many jobs should I apply for

Job-hunting in itself can become a full-time job because it can be very time-consuming. On top of that, despite all the efforts, you are not getting paid. That is why it is important to approach this matter in the most optimal way.

How many jobs you should apply for depends on your specific situation. For example, if you need to start working right away, then you should be applying for as many jobs as you can. On the other hand, if you are not in a hurry, then you can be a lot more selective about the positions that you apply for.

So let’s take a closer look at this topic and see how you can approach the job application process in the most optimal and time-efficient way.

Is it OK to apply to multiple jobs?

Is it OK to apply to multiple jobs

Yes, it is perfectly okay to apply for multiple jobs. In fact, it is recommended because it increases your chances of finding a job. Apply for as many jobs as necessary until the calls and emails from employers start coming and you have a few interviews scheduled.

Besides, you know what they say, you miss 100% of the job opportunities you don't apply for.

Keep in mind that there are other people out there who are also job-hunting. Some of them are applying for the same jobs as you. So you are dealing with some level of competition.

For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the United States Department of Labor, as of February 2022, the unemployment rate in the US is 3.8%. This means that there are 6.3 million people who are not working right now for one reason or another. But some of them are actively looking for employment and applying for jobs.

That is why you should apply for multiple jobs to have the best chances of finding a job soon.

Job application protips:

  • Craft a neat resume that highlights your professional competencies.
  • Write a unique position statement for every position that you apply for.
  • Make sure to outline what makes you a perfect fit for each position.

How many jobs should I apply for a day?

On the first day of your job-hunting, you should apply for about 5 to 10 jobs. From then on, you can apply for 3 to 5 jobs a day. With this rate, you will be able to gauge the job market and determine if you should increase or lower the number of job applications per day.

It all comes down to how soon and how often you are getting responses to your applications. Keep in mind that the responses from employers might start to come a few days or a whole week after your first batch of job applications.

If you have a hard time finding a job, consider applying for seasonal positions.

How many jobs should I apply for per day?

You should apply for 3 to 5 jobs a day, after applying for up to 10 jobs on your very first day of job-hunting. During your first and second week of job-hunting, you will be able to gauge the job market and determine if you should increase the number of daily job applications or lower it.

How many jobs should I apply for in a week?

Your weekly volume of job applications can range from 15 to 30 and beyond, depending on the current state of your industry’s job market. However, don’t limit yourself to any recommended number if your priority is to find a job as soon as possible. Also, the best part about applying for many jobs and having lots of options is that it allows you to negotiate salary without fear of losing job offers.

How many jobs should I apply for at once?

You should apply for at least 10 jobs at once on your first day of job hunting. You should apply for 15 or even 20 jobs at once if you won’t be able to apply for more jobs during the next few days. This way you will increase your chance of getting responses from employers.

How many jobs you should apply for at once depends on how often you are able to respond to job ads. Remember that you can always turn down a job offer if it doesn't match your salary expectations.

If you are only able to do it once or twice a week, then make sure to apply for at least 15-20 jobs per week. If you are not getting many responses, then you can adjust and increase the number of applications.

How many jobs should I apply for at one company?

How many jobs should I apply for at one company

You should apply for up to 2 jobs at one company. Maybe you can get away with 3 in some cases but even that might be seen negatively. The main concern with applying for too many jobs in one company is that you might be seen as somebody who doesn’t know what they want to do.

Applying for as many jobs as you can at one company is usually a red flag. The candidate will be seen as either desperate or poorly qualified to do any of the jobs they applied for.

Applying for 2 jobs at one company is reasonable because there might be some similarities between the two positions. Of course, there might be a third position that is somehow similar. So in that case it would make sense to apply for the third one as well.

Applying for more than that is where you are starting to communicate the wrong message. Eagerness to start working for a company in itself is not a bad thing. But applying for too many positions is definitely not the right way to show it.

How many job applications does it take to get a job

It is hard to say how many job applications to get a job are necessary. The number varies. The most important factors are what is currently going on on the job market and how desirable you are as an employee. A good starting point is 15 to 20 applications per week.

Your first priority should be to apply for jobs that you are well-qualified to do. After that, apply for as many as you can on a weekly basis until you get a good response rate from employers. Usually, you can expect a job offer from employers who have said that they will call you.

If you are not seeing any success, then you should move on to job options that you can approach with your transferable experience and professional skills. If you have no previous work experience, consider volunteering to acquire some useful transferable skills.

Keep a job application spreadsheet from the start

At some point, your job-hunting efforts will come to fruition. The calls and the emails from hiring managers will start to come in. You will be getting job interview offers. Possibly lots of them.

So do yourself a favor and make sure to keep a job application spreadsheet. Create columns with direct links to the job ads and keep track of the various stages of interactions. Did you get a call yet? Do you have an interview scheduled? That sort of thing.

This way you will avoid responding to the same job ad twice and you will keep track of your progress. If you are not getting a response from a company that you are interested in, don't be afraid to write them an attention-catching email.

One more thing that you should anticipate is that the calls and the emails will continue for a while. Probably even after you have found a job. This might lead to some awkward conversations and message exchanges with recruiters. Luckily for you, this is another topic that we have covered here.

Key takeaways

  • On your first day of job-hunting, apply for at least 10 jobs.
  • After that, apply for 3 to 5 jobs until you are able to gauge the job market.
  • Increase or decrease the number of job applications per day depending on your observation.
  • If you are able to apply for jobs only periodically, make sure to apply for about 20 to 30 jobs per week.
  • Keep a diligent job application spreadsheet to keep track of job ads you applied for.
  • Check out our guide on how to find a job with no experience if you are having a hard time securing employment.
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