Do braces affect job interviews and hiring chances?

Updated on August 7, 2023
Do braces affect job interviews

It is perfectly normal to feel a bit self-conscious when going to a job interview while wearing braces especially if they affect your speech.

However, this doesn't have to be the case. Millions of adult Americans wear dental braces and go to job interviews without any problems.

Braces could affect your job interview only if you are incredibly self-conscious about them, and this hurts your confidence. The braces themselves are not going to be an issue. Many people wear braces, which is very common, so no interviewer would mind if you are wearing them.

Besides, even interviewers could be wearing braces. So don’t worry about yours at all. Instead, focus on the interview itself and do your best to get the job.

Can you attend an interview with braces?

You can confidently attend job interviews while wearing braces. The majority of interviewers won't mind the braces even if they noticeably affect the way you speak.

At the end of the day, what employers care about is professional abilities and soft skills so make sure to prepare well for your interview to present yourself as a promising candidate.

Are braces unprofessional?

Wearing braces during job interviews is not unprofessional when it comes to the majority of jobs.

The only exceptions would be positions that require impeccable, clear speaking since braces can somewhat affect the way one speaks.

Generally, hiring managers and employers wouldn’t mind if a person shows up to a job interview wearing braces.

Most of them wouldn’t even pay attention to them. So don’t worry about it, it is perfectly fine to show up in a professional setting with braces.

Will braces hurt your interviewing chances?

Will braces hurt your interviewing chances

Braces could hurt your interviewing chances if the job you have applied for somehow involves the use of clear, impeccable speech.

Other than that, you shouldn’t be worried if you are attending an interview while wearing braces.

You might feel the need to somehow address the braces and even apologize for them. But research suggests that over-apologizing is something that might actually hurt your image.

In fact, you will be way more impressive if you are confident in yourself despite the braces. Over the years, pop culture has portrayed people who wear braces as “geeks” and “nerds.”

Well, guess what – we can safely say that the best professionals in the world are kind of geeky and nerdy.

In other words, there is a chance that your braces might actually improve your chances of getting the job. And to complete that nerdy-geeky look, why don’t you put on a pair of glasses?

Research suggests that people wearing eyeglasses are perceived as more knowledgeable and competent.

My opinion on going to a job interview while wearing braces

If you are fresh out of high school and somebody has made fun of you in the past because of your braces, there is no need to worry about something like this happening in a professional setting.

People at work are a lot more mature, respectful, and polite. They wouldn’t attack you like this.

Generally, most employees aim to achieve harmonious relationships with their coworkers, thus making fun of braces in a mean, hurtful way is not likely to happen.

Frequently asked questions

Can braces lead to discrimination during job interviews?

While biases can exist, braces are generally not seen as a negative attribute. Your skills, qualifications, and demeanor are what truly matter in an interview.

Do different types of braces have different impacts on job interviews?

The type of braces might influence perceptions, but it's unlikely to be a deciding factor. Your confidence and how you handle yourself are more important.

How can I boost my confidence for a job interview if I have braces?

Practice speaking with your braces, focus on the positive aspects of having braces, prepare well for the interview, and maintain a positive mindset.

Are there any industries or jobs where braces might be more of an issue?

Jobs involving a lot of speaking might make braces more noticeable, but in most cases, having braces won't affect your job prospects.

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