How inspiration and creativity lead to high productivity

Updated on January 28, 2023
inspire creativity in the office

The long days at the office, combined with occupational burnout and repetitive work, can destroy your creativity. If you feel like you are stuck and your creative juices aren’t flowing, then you have probably lost your inspiration. And how are you supposed to come up with creative ideas and solutions when you lack that essential spark?

Here Office Topics will explore the topic of creative inspiration as an essential element in creative work.

The role of inspiration in creativity

inspiration and creativity

Since the dawn of time, creative people have argued that inspiration is vital to the creative process. We can safely say that a person who is inspired becomes more creative and productive. So let’s take a look at the behavior and traits of people who are inspired.

#1. People with inspiration on their side are more open to new ideas.

And they are more willing to work toward a certain goal. In other words, inspiration becomes a strong motivational factor. Under the influence of inspiration, people have a stronger drive and they are more willing to master their respective trade. Inspired people have higher self-esteem and trust their own abilities.

#2. Inspiration is better than positive reinforcement.

Being inspired is not the same as being in a good mood. Inspiration is a deeper sensation that allows you to work toward your goals regardless of your mood. By simply being reminded of the feeling when you had your initial realization, you are able to summon greater levels of stamina and mental fortitude to work towards your goals.

#3. Inspiration fuels creativity and productivity.

Studies have shown that people who are inspired often are also more productive. Writers write more. Inventors invent more. It is a very well observed pattern. Inspiration is a motivational factor for creativity and people with creative exciting ideas are more likely to act upon them and engage in actual work.

#4. Inspiration helps us to achieve goals.

People who are inspired have internal motivation. With greater levels of creativity on their side, individuals have the capacity to bring forth more and more workable ideas that translate to greater volumes of work and achievement of goals.

How to inspire creativity in the workplace

inspire creativity in the office

If you are a leader within your organization, you might be wondering how to inspire creativity in others. Luckily, all people are born with the ability to be creative. Sure, some are more analytical while others are good with abstract concepts, but everyone is capable of coming up with new ideas. And there are many strategies that you can try. Such as:

#1. Establish a creative culture at work

Communicate from the very beginning that creativity is valued. Make it clear that all new ideas are welcome. And do your best to surround yourself with people who understand the importance of creativity. Have regular brainstorming sessions and discuss how you can make your work better through creativity and innovation.

#2. Provoke thinking by asking questions

People who are happy with where they are in life have statements. But people who see how things could be better have questions. The right questions are thought-provoking and can inspire people. Don’t be afraid to ask questions even if they sound a little silly.

#3. Make it clear that taking risks and making mistakes is fine

Some members of your team might be full of good ideas but they might be afraid to speak up. You should communicate clearly that taking risks with ideas and making mistakes is fine. Nobody is perfect and creativity requires some level of trial and error.

#4. Focus on positivity and opportunities

The human brain is wired to focus on the negative aspects of things. You don’t have time to look at the pretty butterflies when there are giant man-eating cats roaming the lands. But when it comes to creativity, you should focus on the rewards and benefits that come from implementing creative ideas rather than the risks and possibility of failure.

#5. Encourage your coworkers to leave their comfort zone

Taking risks and experimenting is not easy for everybody. Consider the fact that from an early age in school we are taught that mistakes are punishable. Some people may need some time to step out of their comfort zone and gain the courage to make mistakes in the name of progress and innovation.

#6. Invest in useful tools and resources

You strive to surround yourself with creative and forward-thinking people. But you need to give them the tools for success. The creativity of people will flourish when you give them the powerful instruments they need to succeed. Invest in courses, equipment, software, and amenities in order to have your creative culture reflected in your professional infrastructure.

#7. Lead by example and be a role model

As the leader of the creative pack, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk. Everything about you should communicate the value of innovation and creativity. These are the main keywords that people should be reminded of when they hear your name.

#8. Share things that inspire you

Your sources of inspiration can serve others as well. Tell your coworkers about ideas and concepts that fascinate you. Share with them articles and books that have inspired you to think of new possibilities. Let your sources of inspiration become an asset for everybody you work with.

Creative inspiration activities

Creative inspiration activities

So what are the things that inspire creativity in you? Of course, consuming any form of content related to your main work should give you some ideas on things you could try. On the other hand, researching certain topics and looking into the lives of the people who inspire you may prove to be effective as well. And of course, there are some strategies you can resort to and turn them into group activities.

#1. Brainstorming

Bouncing off ideas with at least one more person can be helpful. Things are even better when you are in a group that consists of various individuals. But brainstorming can be so much more than just suggestions. Through discussions and arguments, you can reach new ideas that are worth trying.

#2. Analyzing your competition

They say that the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. Taking a closer look at how your main competitors are doing things can give you some great ideas. First, consider what they are doing well. Then take a look at what they are doing badly. And ask yourself how these things apply to you.

#3. Inspirational talks

Wouldn’t it be great to invite some renowned experts to visit your workplace and talk for a couple of hours on the subjects that interest you? Even if your company can’t afford to bring in such a person, there are plenty of curious talks and lectures available online. Pick the one that caught your interest and present them to your colleagues.

#4. Workshops

When it comes to group activities that inspire us to do our best work, nothing beats a long and comprehensive workshop. It is a team-building event that boosts morale and teaches you lessons. What could be better? All team members are focused on improvement but at the same time, they are taking a break from their regular work duties and daily challenges.

Creative inspiration takeaways

  • Inspiration has a crucial role in creativity and innovation.
  • Inspired people are more creative and productive.
  • There are many strategies you can follow to inspire creativity in the workplace.
  • Certain group activities such as brainstorming and workshop can be inspirational for your team.
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