Can you wear jeans to an interview? (with poll)

Updated on August 25, 2023
Can you wear jeans to an interview

Wearing jeans to a job interview can be seen as inappropriate and unprofessional if the interview is taking place in a corporate setting.

But in this day and age, context is also important as not all job interviews take place in the traditional corporate office environment anymore.

You can wear jeans to a job interview as long as your outfit fits the setting and the context of the interview. Both men’s and women’s jeans can be worn as part of an outfit that falls under business casual attire, which would be perfectly acceptable for the majority of job interviews.

With the right combination of clothes, shoes, and accessories, jeans can certainly be styled to match the tone and setting of a job interview.

Is it OK to wear jeans to an interview?

It is okay to wear jeans to a job interview but make sure to match them with appropriate shoes and a shirt to show you are aware that you're going into a formal meeting.

Wearing jeans to an interview might not be okay for certain higher management and executive positions.

To determine if wearing jeans to your interview would be fine, research your potential future employer.

Take a look at their website and social media accounts to see what their staff wear. Your goal is to find the etiquette they have adopted.

Also, consider the characteristics of the job, and then you should be able to determine if the appropriate dress code is formal or more casual.

Arriving a bit early for your job interview is another great way to ensure everything will go smoothly.

We asked over 350 professionals if they would wear blue jeans to a job interview. Here are the results.

poll on wearing jeans to a job interview
  • No – 54.55%
  • Depends on the job – 39.67%
  • Yes – 5.79%

Still, don't let these numbers discourage you if you are going to be wearing jeans. Dressing up is important but it is only a fraction of how you will present yourself.

What matters the most is preparing for your interview – here's how to ace your job interview and get the job offer!

Are jeans unprofessional for an interview?

Jeans alone won’t be the deciding factor whether you look unprofessional or appropriately dressed for your interview.

If everything else you wear is casual, then there is a good chance that your interviewer will think that you are underdressed for the occasion.

If you want to appear more professional for your interview, at least consider bringing some notes.

Can you wear jeans to an interview as a female?

You can wear jeans to an interview as a woman. It is actually more widely accepted for women to wear jeans on formal occasions than men.

A more subtle design and a shirt and blazer is a classic business casual combination. When in doubt, play it safe and go for a suit.

Can you wear jeans to an interview as a male?

You can wear jeans to an interview as a man. Especially since the tendency in the past few years has been moving towards a more casual work attire.

The same rule applies here – if you are unsure, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Can you wear ripped jeans to an interview?

Can you wear ripped jeans to an interview

Here the answer is a definitive no. Ripped jeans are not suitable for a job interview. Regardless of the organization and role, this is not the first impression you would like to make.

Interviewers frown upon ripped jeans, so this is a 100% no-go.

Can you wear blue jeans to an interview?

Yes, you can wear blue jeans to an interview. It is best if they are well-fitted and, if possible, in a darker shade of blue.

Avoid baggy models with patches of any kind. The more subtle the jeans are, the better. This will keep your overall look more professional.

Can you wear black jeans to an interview?

Yes, indeed you can. In fact, black jeans will likely look more professional than blue jeans. We also recommend wearing glasses as the perfect accessory for any job interview.

No matter what some people say, they do give you a more intelligent and competent look.

My overall advice for wearing jeans to job interviews

While jeans have become more accepted in various professional settings, it's crucial to gauge the appropriateness based on the company and role you're interviewing for.

If you opt for jeans, ensure they're well-fitted, preferably in darker shades like black or deep blue, and avoid ripped designs entirely. Pair them with a formal shirt or blazer to elevate the look.

Research the company's dress code by checking its website or social media.

When in doubt, it's always safer to lean towards a more formal attire than risk appearing underdressed.

Frequently asked questions

Are colorful jeans appropriate for interviews?

Stick to neutral colors like black, dark blue, or gray. Bright or unusual colors might be distracting.

Can I wear jeans to a video interview?

For video interviews, the focus is often on the upper half, but it's still best to dress professionally to feel confident.

Should the jeans be high-waisted or low-rise for an interview?

High-waisted jeans are generally more professional-looking than low-rise, but ensure they're comfortable and paired with an appropriate top.

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