Can you get fired for having an OnlyFans? (How to avoid it)

Updated on August 9, 2023
Can you get fired for having an OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a subscription-based content platform where creators upload content and users pay to access it.

In recent years, OnlyFans has gained notoriety through a vast content creator basis that produces adult content.

You can get fired for having an OnlyFans page if having another content outlet somehow breaches your work contract.

Another reason you might get fired for having an OnlyFans is if the company does not wish to associate itself with people who have produced adult content.

Naturally, If you have (or have had) an OnlyFans page that is centered around this type of videos and you’d like to pursue a conventional career path, then you might be worried that your “exciting” background could bring harm to your professional ambitions.

Some work positions are indeed reputation-sensitive, and employers may be reluctant to keep (or hire) an employee who has starred in adult content.

Does OnlyFans show up on a background check?

Does OnlyFans show up on a background check

There are ways in which your OnlyFans can show up on your background check. It all comes down to how thorough your background check will be. If your employer is looking if you’ve been involved with websites such as OnlyFans, then there is a chance that they will find out.

How does OnlyFans show up on a background check?

OnlyFans can show up on a background check through a basic Internet search or a tax record check. Your employer might task an experienced researcher to conduct a comprehensive background that reveals your involvement with OnlyFans.

How can employers find your OnlyFans

There are a few ways in which employers may be able to find that you have (or have had) an OnlyFans page.

1. Basic internet research

Your employer can type in your name in any search engine (like Google, Bing, etc.) and see what pages and images show up as results.

They can also specifically search your name and “OnlyFans” together, which would likely land them on your profile if you have used your real name on the page.

If your OnlyFans page still exists and has your real name on it, and it receives a lot of web traffic on a daily basis, then it is very likely that it will show up on the first page when your name is googled.

You can try to google your name and see what results show up. In the same way, an appointed background researcher may be able to stumble upon your OnlyFans page and include their findings in their report.

Unfortunately, even if you have deactivated your OnlyFans page, users who have downloaded or screenshot your content may have uploaded files to other websites where the content is accessible.

2. Tax records

Have you provided your employer with your tax records? Then they might be able to see that you have received money from OnlyFans.

If you have earned more than $600, then OnlyFans should have sent you a 1099 tax form. By going through your tax record, your employer may notice your involvement with the platform.

3. Word of mouth

If your employer is approaching your references and previous employers, then somebody might mention something in case they are aware of your OnlyFans page. The possibility is slim, but it is there, especially if you have dealt with spiteful, jealous coworkers in the past.

4. By accident

We can’t ignore the possibility of your employer or colleagues stumbling upon your OnlyFans content by accident.

For example, a coworker or a boss who finds you attractive might go over your social media profiles and stumble upon a clue that leads them to your involvement with OnlyFans.

Will having an OnlyFans affect future employment?

Having OnlyFans can affect future employment in companies that hold conservative views. Another aspect to consider is public image.

For example, a career in politics might suffer greatly if one’s involvement in adult content production became known.

Can having an OnlyFans ruin your career?

Certain career paths that entail being a public figure may indeed be affected if it becomes known that the person has had or currently has OnlyFans centered around x-rated material.

However, the majority of careers where public opinion is irrelevant won’t be affected.

For example, one of the most famous cases of a career being affected by OnlyFans and adult content is Belle Delphine.

In 2018, she became famous as an Internet celebrity on Instagram. Later on, she transitioned to making adult videos on OnlyFans and other websites.

She had several of her social media accounts deleted for violating community guidelines.

Do employers care about OnlyFans?

The majority of employers do not care if one has had or currently has OnlyFans. Generally, most employers won’t run such comprehensive background checks so as to discover one’s OnlyFans.

And even if they did, that would not be a problem in most cases.

The basic background check that the majority of employers conduct involves job history, criminal record, and credit score.

It is very unlikely that your employer will specifically look for any involvement with OnlyFans, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

How to avoid getting fired for having an OnlyFans

There are certain steps that you can take to ensure that your stint on OnlyFans won’t affect your future career path. Here is what you can do.

  • Don’t use your real name on your OnlyFans page
  • Hide or blur your face
  • Delete your OnlyFans page if it’s no longer feasible to keep it
  • Change your looks from the one you have on OnlyFans content
  • Don’t provide your employer with tax records
  • Don’t tell anyone you’ve had OnlyFans

Still, it is very unlikely that your employers will be actively searching if you had an OnlyFans account, so you probably shouldn’t worry about it.

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