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Published on November 11, 2020
The Advantages of using communication apps in the workplace

Effective communication within the office space is essential for an efficient work process. Therefore, the implementation of certain communication applications by teams and departments can tremendously improve how work is conducted. There are various team communication apps that you can resort to in order to improve communication within your organization. Besides, some of these apps offer more than communication and can be used for real-time collaboration on work projects.

The Advantages of using communication apps in the workplace

The Advantages of using communication apps in the workplace

#1. They improve communication tremendously

Can you imagine just how distracting it would be to stand up and shout the company announcements you have for your coworkers? Thank God we have email for these kinds of things. Well, what about going to Greg’s desk every time you want to give him some new tasks to do? Well, physically interrupting somebody while they are trying to focus is counterproductive and that is why using applications is so important.

#2. The work process becomes much more efficient

With team channels, everybody feels more involved. Individuals can observe the conversations between co-workers and learn more about certain aspects of their work. This is especially useful for new team members who might feel like imposters when they need to ask some questions. But with communication and collaboration tools at hand, team members can easily reach each other, without being disruptive, and benefit from having better organization.

#3. Improved coworker relationships

Team members can develop better relationships when they understand each other’s work and pain points. The improved communication through the use of various tools will foster such relationships and this will create a co-working environment where team members can come up with more creative solutions and innovative ideas.

#4. Can save time when used correctly

If you have to get up and talk to people in person in order to understand each other better, then either is something wrong with the way you communicate or your means of team chat are not particularly effective. With the right communication and collaboration tools, you should be able to minimize such in-person meetings which will save you so much time.

#5. More effective management of projects

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how the improvement of communication can better the way you handle projects and the results that you get. When more than one person is working on a project, you need effective coordination. And that’s where the right communication comes in. It doesn’t matter if it is just a team chat, what matters is how you use it. The main goal here is to reduce mistakes and eliminate misunderstandings.

#6. Better individual accountability

Managing people is hard. Therefore, an effective communication tool can help you do better on that part. One of the ways of doing so is by offering a medium in which staff members can clearly see each other’s roles and responsibilities. This way they can hold each other accountable for the work they do. This way, they will be more diligent in meeting deadlines and reporting results.

Team communication apps & collaboration tools

#1. Skype


Skype has been around for ages. By now, it’s a classic, must-have communication software. Owned by Microsoft, you can easily set up your Skype using your Windows account. It allows for direct messaging, conference calls, small file sharing, and group chats. Of course, the classic emoji package got an update in recent years, with better quality animation which makes chats a tad more fun. Another great feature of Skype is the screen sharing option which makes collaborations and working on group projects a lot easier. However, Skype is probably not the best option to keep remote team members up to date as group chats can be complete chaos. Skype is a communication tool but is not the most convenient option when it comes to deep collaborative synergies.

#2. Slack


Slack is an instant messaging platform that has been the go-to co-working tool for companies. It allows for instant messaging and file sharing. One of the most prominent features is the creation of chat rooms, or channels, where coworkers can chat and collaborate. The free version of Slack keeps a history of the previous 10,000 messages within a channel while the paid version has no limit. Another great feature of Slack is the various integrations that can be applied to the platform. Those include Google Drive, Trello, DropBox, and many more, making file sharing and project collaboration a breeze. There are also mobile versions for Android and iOS so you can easily keep track of what is going on through your phone. Slack has been the leading collaboration and communication tool for quite some time but there are some alternatives that you can resort to.

#3. Discord


The Discord platform was designed to accommodate the needs of the gaming world. But it can be used as an office team collaboration tool as well. You can create servers and various channels within them. As a server owner, you have complete control over who sees what. It is often compared to Slack because they have similar features and interface. The free version of Discord has far fewer limitations than the free version of Slack. Therefore, it could be the more preferable communication app for teams on a budget. The free version of Discord can be of great use to teams comprised of 10 to 20 members and you can easily get away without using the premium package. There is a downloadable software version but you can easily access your server through a browser as well.

#4. Facebook Workplace

facebook workplace

If you don’t mind being watched by Mark even while you work, then Workplace by Facebook might be the collaboration tool for your team or even your entire organization. Other than workplace chats, team groups, conference calls, and file storage, some of the more interesting features include real-time auto-translation of messages in foreign languages, integration of third-party tools, IT monitoring, and integration with Windows Azure AD, G Suite, and Okta, as well as a high level of security. Also, the premium plan is free for non-profit groups.

Key Takeaways

  • Effective communication in the workplace is of tremendous importance to the success of the organization.
  • The use of communication apps can make teams and departments more efficient in their work.
  • There are many communication applications and work collaboration tools that you can resort to.
  • Some of them are free and more suitable for small teams and departments while others can be more useful to large organizations.
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