Welcome to Office Topics – Your 9 to 5 Survival Guide

Congratulations, fellow office worker, you have landed here safely! You are about to explore a vast area of powerful knowledge aimed at improving your overall well-being at work. But before you start your journey, why not learn a bit more about what to expect from our little domain?

What is Office Topics?

Office Topics aims to improve the life and work of people who operate in an office environment. Developers, creatives, designers, search engine optimization specialists, salespeople, engineers, architects, lawyers, nine-to-fivers.


People who spend their workdays at a desk, doing repetitive tasks, spending prolonged periods of time in front of a screen or on the phone. If this is you, then we know. We understand. We know exactly what you are dealing with. And that is because we are you.

Who is behind Office Topics?

Office Topics is run by office workers. Essentially, people who have worked in an office setting for a very long time. We know how detrimental the office environment can be to a person.


With time, both the physical and mental health begin to suffer. Which makes communicating with other people and being productive so much harder. That is why we have set out to create a helpful source tailored to the needs and problems of the modern office worker.

How does Office Topics help?

No fancy made-up branded words here. No miracle methods. Here you will find extensive posts and guides on how to be more productive at work, how to be more efficient, how to communicate better, how to create a company culture, leading a healthy lifestyle, and doing everything with mindfulness.


We promise you to write only about strategies, methods, and products that we have either tried ourselves or we truly believe in.

How to best use Office Topics?

It’s all about Productivity, Communication, and Health. Achieved through awareness and mindfulness. We believe that every office worker can improve their life by learning more about these subjects while taking small incremental steps toward improvement.


We hope that you will find the ideas and strategies presented here useful so you can craft your very own “toolbox” to deal with the challenges that the office environment throws your way.